Yoga and Qigong Classes in Norfolk



My yoga classes are designed to be a head to toe treat for your body and a soothing tonic for your mind. Practice regularly  and you can expect to feel stronger, more flexible, happier and calmer. Combining delicious stretches and strengthening with meditation and breathing exercises I offer a slow flow practice that gently challenges your body without pushing you beyond comfort. All classes are suitable for beginners

You’ll definitely feel like you’ve ‘worked’ but in a way that doesn’t leave you gasping for breath and feeling faint. It’s fitness, done kindly. Plus we have a heap of laughs. After all, it’s not a yoga class unless someone trumps, right?  

Who can’t do yoga? People who have trouble sitting or kneeling may feel challenged by yoga, however this can be alleviated with the right alternatives and support. All of which is provided during the class.

What equipment will you need? A yoga mat and comfy, loose clothing.


Qigong is a slow flowing, fully standing form of exercise which aims to improve health through stretching, movement, breathwork and the movement of energy or ‘qi’ through the meridians of the body. It’s a beautifully subtle but powerful form of exercise, as well as improving physical health qigong is proven to be effective at easing the symptoms of stress and anxiety and improving focus and mental clarity. It’s particularly beneficial for people living with long term chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, and ME.

Who can’t do qigong? Due to is gentle natural movements and being a fully-standing practice, it is rare for someone not to be able to do qigong. It is fully accessible for all ages and abilities and movements can be performed sitting if required.

What equipment will you need? None! Just wear comfy, loose clothing.

I offer a flexible range of ways to pay. Head over to the shop to book your class online using Paypal or your debit/credit card. 


Yoga in Stalham – 9.30am – 10.40am – Milestone Therapy Centre, Ingham Road, Stalham, NR12 9DS

 Parking: There is parking for about six cars at the venue.  




Yoga in Bacton – 9.30am – 10.40am – Bacton Village Hall, Coast Rd, Bacton, NR12 0ES

 Parking: Village Hall Car Park (at the rear of the building)


Qigong in Bacton – 11am – 12pm – Bacton Village Hall, Coast Rd, Bacton, NR12 0ES

 Parking: Village Hall Car Park (at the rear of the building)



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