Qigong in Bacton


Qigong at Bacton Village Hall, Coast Rd, Bacton NR12 0ES.  Fridays – 11am -12pm

This gentle, flowing practice blends flowing movement, meditation, self-massage, body tapping, breathwork and sound to leave you feeling relaxed, restored and deeply energised. This ancient healing practice is suitable for all and scientifically proven to be highly beneficial for both body and mind. As it is a fully standing practice (although it can be done seated too) this class is perfect for those who find the extended kneeling and sitting poses in yoga a bit challenging. It really is quite amazing.

Qigong is particularly suited to those recovering from injury or surgery or living with a long-term health condition such as MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia or arthritis

Choose a date below, book yourself in and let’s boost our qi together.

COVID – This class is limited to 12 to ensure adequate distancing. Anti-bac handgel is provided for use on arrival and leaving.


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