Written in the Stars Report – Money Edition


ASTROLOGY AND MONEY | Your astrological chart is packed full of interesting, inspiring and empowering details about your personality, including your money mindset! The unique money messages in your birth chart can reveal how you think and feel about money, how you may be destined to make it and even what might be holding you back from making more money! This beautifully designed and fully bespoke report includes:

💷 A copy of your birth chart

💷 A guide to your big three zodiac signs (sun, moon and rising) and exploration into how these three important parts of your personality affect your attitude to making money.

💷 Where Taurus – the zodiac sign most concerned with money sits in your astrological chart and what this means for your personal money mindset.

💷 An in-depth guide to the four houses of your astrological chart that are most connected to money, making money and your potential money mindset blocks.

💷 The position of the planet Venus (the planet of love and money) in your chart and how this influences your money mindset.

💷 The position of the north and south nodes in your chart which can show where you may need to make a shift in order to have a more abundant money mindset.

💷 PLUS a 30-minute online consultation with me to go through your report, explore further, and answer your questions!

This unique report is a powerful guide that you can refer to to over and over again as you explore the magic of your personal astrology. Once I receive your order I’ll be in touch to get your birth information. Following this I aim to deliver your bespoke guide within five working days. We’ll then arrange a time for your consultation a few days later.

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