Every day of your life new events will unfold, new paths will be revealed and new choices will need to be made. Most of us wander randomly from event to event and day to day, finding fleeting moments of happiness and joy, but never really creating a life that feels purposeful, fulfilling and utterly destined for us.

You’ve had enough of that haven’t you?

Uncovering the astrological secrets hidden in your chart, understanding and harnessing the magical phases of the moon and opening yourself up to the universal guidance from tarot can improve and empower every aspect of your life. So what do you say? Are you ready to see what’s written in the stars for you?

Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

First a warning… I’ve never found the cards to be anything other than totally honest. And sometimes in quite a blunt way! As with all true guidance, we don’t always receive the message what we want to hear, but more often than not, it will be the message we need to hear.

Still keen? Great! Because tarot and oracle readings are all sorts of awesome. I offer a range of readings that can be done in person (when permitted) or online via email. From simple and effective three card readings that help you to reach a clear decision in a tricky matter, to wider, in-depth card spreads that can help guide you to the next wonderful phase of your life.

Please note that I’m not an intuitive card reader, mind-reading isn’t my thing. I interpret the energy and translate the cards as they are meant to be. Truthful, honest and clear.

I offer several decks for you to choose from for your reading. These include the well-known Rider Tarot, The Crystal Tarot, The Moonology Oracle, The Sacred Destiny Oracle and the Crystal Healing Oracle.

Astrology & Moonology

Your destiny is, quite literally, written in the stars. Understand it’s meaning and blend this with a little lunar living alignment and you’ve got a simple but oh-so-effective recipe for manifesting your goals and living your best life, every damn day.

Looking to uncover the secrets of your stars? I offer a variety of readings, including birth charts, planetary birth readings and explorations of your 12 astrological houses. These readings delve deep into your character and destiny, revealing not only your sun sign, but your equally important moon and rising signs. We’ll explore which signs rule your 12 houses and what this means for different aspects of you life, now and in the future.

If you’re looking to become a master moon manifester, want to know when the optimum time to take that big leap is or simply seeking a way to live your life in a more harmonious way, moonology could be the missing ingredient you’ve been looking for. By tracking the moons phases we can harness the unique power of each phase and it’s accompanying zodiac ‘flavour’ to bring balance or empower our dreams.


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